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Created by Emote AI

Team Emote

Team Emote is a small team. We are Jenn & Alex. 

I'm Jenn - an influential thought leader in the People Analytics space. Just kidding.


I was a behavioural neuroscientist who ran away to join the circus. Now, I'm a data scientist in corporate HR. 

It's an interesting marriage of perspectives - academic science and corporate. At times it is frustrating. At other times, there are opportunities which lead to innovative solutions - like Emote ;)

Alexandre here. I have been working as an analyst in the financial & fraud sectors for more than 10 years. 

Logic, rationality, data are my bread & butter at work. 'Big data' and how we use it is a passion in my career. 

However, as the world gets swept up in this, we are missing the human factor in the workplace more than ever.  

I was inspired to create Emote with Jenn to resolve this.